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Adidas Original Flat Knit Low Cut Cotton Socks - 3 Pairs (6N..More



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These simple, breathable and stylish men's socks are just what you need for everyday wear. Available in a Anthra Melange, Black, Col Navy for lots of attitude. The low-profile low cut style is a perfect complement for casual and athletic footwear. Bundle up when it's cold and cool down when it's hot with this all-season design that has removable insulation. This polyester and cotton blend resists wrinkles so you can wash and dry it with ease. Stripes have a chic and versatile look that can be worn with just about anything. Made with cotton that is durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for everyday wear

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Product Information

Style Code



Low Cut

Pairs in pack



Flat Knit



Grid Value



Cotton Blend

Features 1

Flat Knit Low Cut Socks

Features 2

Arch Support Provides Support To Your Foot

Features 3

Premium Cotton

Features 4

Superior Comfort

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